Tools and How to Blow Glass

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First, let me tell you that the tools and everything you need to blow glass is very expensive. There are no tools that you should go without though. Everything I explain to you is much needed to successfully work on blowing glass for art, pipes, bowls, glass, or any other piece of glass work. Most of this equipment goes from couple hundred dollars to in the thousands. It is an expensive work but you can make some beautiful work with these expensive tools. The first thing you need is, of course, is to collect is glass to put in your furnace. Then with your hollow steel tube/blowpipe you will start to gather the molten glass that is in your furnace. The molten glass in your furnace needs to be about 2,025 to 2,125 in Fahrenheit for it to properly become a piece of art. When gathering your glass from the furnace you need to keep your steel tube/blowpipe in a constant steady rotation when gathering your glass, that way it forms evenly on all sides. If you were to hold it one spot for even more than a second it will dip in a direction you may not have wanted it to go. The best way to think of how it is done is to compare it to dipping fruit or ice cream in chocolate. You want to steadily rotate as you pour on your chocolate or it will make funny lines and look uneven. The same goes with the glass while in the furnace.

After you have collected your glass and made into a nice sphere you will then take your blowpipe/steel tube and start shaping your piece on a table that is called a marver or as other glassblowers call this table the glass shaper. Because here you will shape your glass into more of how big, small or wide you want your piece to be. You accomplish this by rolling your hot glass on the marver, the marver table will also cool your glass while you are shaping because the material on the table sucks the heat out to shape your glass. This is also a crucial time to make sure that you making every side of your now rolled cylinder as symmetrical as possible. If notice that the sides are maybe to thin then you need to chill your piece before rolling to prevent from thinning the sides more. If you notice areas on your piece that are too thick then you will need to place your glass piece into what is known as the glory hole to put heat on your thick area of your piece to thin it out. The glory hole is a separate furnace with the same tempter as the furnace with molten glass, but it just helps thin thick areas and also to help you reheat your glass piece to make it more pliable if it starts to harden.