History of Blowing Glass

This ancient art of blowing glass was invented by the Roman Empire back in the 1st century BC. The very first art glass workshops were set up along the eastern border of the empire by the Phoenicians which became the birthplace of glassblowing. At the same time Lebanon and Israel also started their glass workshops, Ennion from Lebanon was the very first glassblower. Ennion became popular for his glassblowing abilities, his glass pieces were unique and incredibly detailed in every piece glass work he did. He made them incredibly complex in the shapes, arrangements and very decorative. From then on glass art spread to Egypt and then eventually more Phoenician set up more glass art workshops in many different areas in the western territories of the Roman Empire. The Phoenician first placed a glass workshop in the middle of 1st century AD in Italy then one in Rome; Rome was the heartland of the empire and soon became the center of glassblowing workshops.

The Phoenician glassmith were forbidden to ever travel but they escaped anyway and by doing so they spread this ancient art of glassblowing to northern Europe which now in present day is known as France and Belgium and has since been passed down to where we are at today. Now in the present day we are able to learn these ancient techniques in schools if you are lucky, but most of the time it is a professional glassmith teaching their apprentice which then that apprentice becomes professional and then teaches his or her apprentice and so on. With this being done it has helped keep this ancient art alive and keep going on from person to person. With each new person they put their new touch and bring more ideas of what make out of blown glass. They did not start making beautiful glass animals it was someone new to the trade who had thought of it.

As we have grown and as our world changes so does the different needs for glass art has become. Bong Outlet offers pipes and bongs for those who smoke tobacco, so they have other choices of use for their tobacco instead of just a wood pipes or paper like they used in the olden days. We have more unique glass designed water pitchers for our plants. What is now popular for glass art has changed, it has become more evolved and uniquely designed compared to how it started. The glass bottles that hold our perfumes and cologne have changed to become more appealing to us compared to what was appealing when it first was started.